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tv   WESH 2 News at 400pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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the victim is 65 years old and has died. we have a crew on the ground headed to oak hill and we will have the latest as soon as we get it. now to a story you will see only here. a retired apopka elementary school teacher has been charged with capitol sex crimes on one of his students. meredith: wesh 2' s bob kealing joins us live outside the school, and bob, what exactly is the suspect accused of? bob: according to police, he would take this child into a hallway and on a couple of occasions, allegedly molested this child and then reassured her, it' s ok, don' t worry. for years, they say it was her deep, dark secret. >> we are charging with one count of sex battery, so that is a capital offense area bob:
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bob: he showed no emotion during the first court appearance today. for seven years, apopka police say a former student , lived with a dark secret. he allegedly molested her at school. >> detector outside and ran his hand down the front of her pants and molested her. bob: she is alleging this happened in school? >> he took her out into a hallway that was excluded from other people while classes were occurring. bob: the alleged victim recently signs of posttraumatic stress, finally telling her mother the secret. >> it is not uncommon for victims with this abuse to wait forward. bob: she is being held on no
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we knocked on the door of his mobile home in apopka and no one answered. a spokesperson of the school district that they are looking into his past that have confirmed he was formerly a teacher at the apopka elementary school. coming up at 5:00, we will tell you about another investigation sparked by the school district prior to his retirement. live in apopka. summer: thank you for that report. we have new information about a violent incident where a handful of dogs viciously bit several people in an apartment. one woman had to be airlifted to a trauma center because she was hurt so badly. wesh 2' s dave mcdaniel is live at the complex where the tragedy occurred. dave: the emergency calls came in, saying the attack was brutal. the first sanford officer through the door felt he had no choice but pull his gun and fire. >> he had to discharge his
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dave: a sanford sergeant writes in the report, adults and kids on scene were screaming that the dogs are killing her. then he said he ran in, witnessing the dogs biting the victim in the arms legs and upper body. >> appeared to be pit bull type breed on top of her and they were mauling her. dave: the officer fired, killing four dogs right there. we know a fifth dog was hit and ran off, dying later. a sixth dog was taken from a crate in the apartment and is now in quarantine at animal control. investigators have not been able to determine what triggered the violent attack which injured five people, one woman hurt so sanford' s hospital to the trauma center at ormc. dogs? >> we' re looking into that. there' s a possibility. we' re in the course of investigating that. dave: animal control said it has no previous issues with dogs at this address. the apartment said in an e-mail statement, " the dogs involved in the attack were unauthorized pets, which are not permitted under the terms of our lease."
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t specify whether the issue is the type of dog, the number in the apartment, or both. several have questioned why there would be a half dozen dogs >> there shouldn' t be that many dogs in that one apartment. dave: police say as far as they can tell at this point, the dogs were simply, pets. investigators need to figure out, why did this happen? the woman is still in critical condition at ormc. there were four other people with serious injuries that it is not clear how many of them were in the apartment when things got out of hand. live in sanford, seminole county, dave mcdaniel wesh 2 news. meredith: it was a frosty start to the day. here is a look at the field in ocala. summer: this was a wintry scene and oviedo.
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year so far. meredith: we are joined from the outdoor weather studio. will we have a repeat tonight? tony: we will not. we will have patchy frost in temperatures will be warmer. take a look at the satellite. you can see clouds down south, but we will see the onshore flow here. it is 64 degrees and feels pretty good. readings are in the 60' s. as we go through the evening, after sunset, temperatures will quickly as they did last night. 37, ocala. 45, in town or . the frost will be confined well west to orlando. and the timing of some rain and storms. another big chill is on the way. summer: we will see you then. the orange county sheriff' s
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administration are investigating the death of a worker early this morning. it happened on chandler road. according to deputies, who was about 38 years old was killed when he got caught in the machine. the fire department try to save them but it was too late. we discovered the same plant was excited for not having a proper guard on a machine to prevent workers from getting hurt. they were fined more than $4000 in that case. there is a new investigation into today' s tragedy. >> they will look into every aspect of what happened. it will all be part of the open investigation. meredith: the alleged victim of a rape after the speedway took the stand. a former cab driver is on the
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claire: the victim told the court george brainard, working as a pedi-cab driver during speedweeks, took her to some woods across from the speedway and raped her. she admits she has a lot of lapses in memory because she had been drinking and smoking marijuana. >> i was moving and squirming and screaming and trying to get away. she testified she left the track and her boyfriend because she felt sick and wanted to go home, says she has no memory of getting into the pedi-cab, but remembers brainard pulling her out of it and dragging her into some woods. >> i was squirming. i was trying to get away. >> how were you trying to get away? >> i was trying to crawl away from him. claire: it was a pedi-cab driver working for a rival company who found the victim following the alleged attack. nick colavito says he had seen brainard and the victim riding around earlier in the evening. had seen brainard' s pedi-cab, empty by then, stopped near
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with his own fare. after dropping them off, colavito testified he went by the woods again and saw the victim crawling out. >> she was crying and she was screaming and just, just out there. it was pretty horrible. when i heard it, when i was stopped. claire: the defense doesn' t dispute the victim and brainard had sex that night, but they say it was consensual. they say the victim repeatedly offered to have sex with brainard, then claimed rape because brainard left her in the woods afterward, and she didn' t want her boyfriend and family to know the truth. there were a number of details the victim could not remember on cross examination and the defendants father thinks that makes everything she says suspect. >> she has this really selective memory. she can remember some really good details, but then when it comes down to important things, she can' t seem to remember anything. amanda: the state -- claire: the state continues to present witnesses today. they tell us the defendant will
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if convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison. meredith: a lot of people are wondering if there is an end in sight for the slump in the stock markets. this is affecting everything from your retirement accounts, to credit card bills, even the prices you pay at the gas pumps. wesh 2' s jim payne is tracking another crazy day on wall street in the breaking news center. jim: at one point today, the dow jones industrial average was down 500 points. the price of chevron stock lost 7% of it' s total value. then investors seized on the depressed prices, and started a late day buying binge. the dow, the nasdaq, s&p finishing down. a tough day for oil and gas companies as crude oil prices are down to levels not seen since 2003. energy stocks on the s&p 500 are down 5% on the day and 15% since the start of the year. investors are also worried china' s huge economy may be slowing. the good news, super-low gasoline prices are about to get even cheaper. bottom line, wall street hates
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right now when it comes to china and oil prices. live in the breaking news center, jim payne, wesh 2 news. summer: thank you. there were more deputies near a local gas station, where a shooting happened yesterday. mounted patrol and deputies in cruisers were located near the citgo gas station on pine hills road near silver star road. here' s why. take a look at the bottom of the screen. people ran for their lives after someone pulled out a gun and started shooting. an innocent bystander at the store was shot at least three times. another customer says several rounds were fired. >> pretty much about 15 gunshots, two different guns had to be. just pulled up to this convenience store to get something to drink, i see this guy bleeding at least, three gunshots i seen. summer: the victim works for iss mechanical, a heating ventilation and air conditioning firm. he was released from the hospital last night.
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over the weekend in polk county, has been found dead. the body of 38-year-old alexander vigo junior was found in a wooded area near sand mine road and island club west. he was last seen on sunday. deputies say he has a lengthy criminal history, including six previous felony charges. investigators say he had been shot. deputies are working to figure out what led up to his death. summer: the first section of central florida' s newest highway is open. they began using the long-awaited parkway this morning. it runs in county road 435 in orange county to state road in lake county. when finished, the 25 mile, 1.6 billion dollar parkway will complete the parkway. meredith: it' s a concern for pregnant women. we' re talking the zika virus. we' ve now had cases confirmed in florida. we' ll let you know where it' s been diagnosed and what the symptoms are next. plus a deadly house fire this morning, and investigators say a space heater may be to blame. what we' re learning about the victim. summer: and a story you don' t want to miss, an expensive effort is underway to help three
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surprising place. you'
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meredith: there is growing fear today that a virus affecting pregnant women across latin america and the caribbean could make it' s way to central florida. summer: and now that the zika virus has already struck in four states, including in florida. wesh 2' s michelle imperato says the cdc has now issued a warning for women in the us. reporter: three and two in illinois, adding a case in hawaii and one in texas. the latest florida case is in hillsboro county. they got the virus after a trip to venezuela. >> we have seen a huge rise in the number of virus cases and south african can -- south american countries. reporter: he says the virus is not spread from person to person. it can only be gained from a -- an infected mosquito.
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>> we have found a huge rise in birth defects, which is essentially a small head on babies born with mothers infected with the virus. reporter: the cdc issued a travel warning for pregnant women and researchers worry mosquitoes could bring the virus to the southernmost gulf states. >> we are an extremely vulnerable area because we have mosquitoes that can transmit the virus. reporter: it is easy to protect yourself. >> use insect repellents and cover any parts of our bodies that can be bit by mosquitoes. reporter: there is no vaccine or specific treatment for the virus. pregnant women who have returned from one of those countries should see a doctor or get tested. summer: symptoms of the zika virus include fever, rash, joint pain and pink eye. meredith: visitors probably won' t notice, but seaworld is making a big change to its killer whale pools.
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rid of deep water lifting floors installed after the death of trainer dawn brancheau here in orlando in 2010. the floors were designed to lift trainers and orcas out of deep officials say they are no longer needed because training and medical care are now being conducted in shallower water. summer: a big discovery to report tonight. a pair of scientists say they now have solid evidence of a true ninth planet on the edge of our solar system. planet x is said to be almost as big as neptune, orbiting billions of miles beyond neptune' s path. the scientists from cal-tech haven' t actually spotted the planet yet. they base their findings on mathematical and computer modeling, and expect to see it via telescope within five years. you probably won' t be surprised planet' s warmest year ever. scientists, the earth' s temperature broke the previous record by nearly a quarter of a that' s the second largest yearly jump since record keeping began in 1880.
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fueled in part by el nino, and that it will be at least as warm again this year. summer: i wish some of that warmth was here this morning. we had a cold morning. tony: let' s take a look at these temperatures. it was no el nio this morning. 35, sanford. 38, orlando. 34, daytona beach. it was the coldest morning best far this winter season. you can see the previous numbers beaten by a good three or four degrees. it was a testament to how coldly were this morning. we do appreciate your photos. you are giving us many of them. high pressure off to the east and we are getting the onshore flow. 65 in bellevue. 67, paisley. middle 60'
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we take a look at these neighborhood temperatures near flagler and brevard county, upper 50' s. a far cry from where we were this morning. at sunset, the temperatures have dropped quickly, but then we will study on as we get into the middle of the evening. ocala will drop into the 40' s. if anybody is going to see a little bit of frost tonight, it is only going to be confined to marion county. 42, villages area did -- villages. . apopka, 43. sanford, 44 degrees. the far western side of flagler county will be in the upper 30' s. 50, melbourne.
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a limited frost near marion county. there is a southeast wind flow. the 70' s will be back in town, so if you have that convertible, tomorrow will be a good day to get out. 73, wildwood. 73, celebration over toward harmony. 72, avalon park. 65, marineland, right on the water. 69, cape canaveral. on friday, a front is coming through. showers and a couple of storms. it does not look like it is going to be severe. we will continue to monitor things for you. a windy afternoon on saturday, behind that front and it is going to be a cold january day. by sunday, high pressure builds in and a chilly morning is
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sunshine. let' s take a look seven-day forecast. showers and storms on friday, best chance for stronger storms florida. nice turnaround for next week. we will talk more about that extended forecast in the next half hour. meredith: a hollywood star is credited for saving a man' s life. summer: you will hear from him and why he took the action. meredith: you will not believe
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>> when he extends, he extends out of the cabin. we pull him out, and as we pull him out, within five seconds summer: that' s actor jamie foxx describing how he and another man pulled a driver out of a burning, wrecked car. police say the driver, brett kyle, was drunk and speeding when he careened off the road outside foxx' s home on monday. when he heard the crash, foxx kyle' s seatbelt and pulling him tuesday, he met the driver' s
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>> i mean, we all want to be willing to jump in when it needs to be done, but how many of us really would? whether this person' s famous or not, i' m just so glad and so happy. summer: a tearful thank you. the driver is now in intensive care where he' s being treated for some third degree burns and a broken collarbone. a puppy is stolen from a florida pet store, and still missing. meredith: and police believe the dog became part of a drug deal. take a look. surveillance video shows a man stuff the two pound yorkie in his shirt and take it out of a the store in largo. police say the thief then took the nine-month-old pup and exchanged it for crack and cash. >> i was disgusted. i ranted on facebook. i was like, how could someone sell a little puppy for drugs? meredith: the good news today, someone saw the video on a
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dogknapping suspect, who is now under arrest. unfortunately, the little dog is still missing. if you recently bought your baby a onesie from one of the disney parks, listen up. there' s a recall for two different styles, darth vader and disneyland 60th. the snaps on the three-snap closure of these onesies can detach and pose a choking hazard. no injuries have been reported. call disney parks for return and refund information. summer: rustic town winslow, arizona is getting several visitors who are stopping to remember glenn frey. he' s the eagles member who penned the famous line " i was standing on the corner in winslow, arizona" in the song " take it easy." locals capitalized on the lyrics with an annual festival and park with a statue and mural commemorating the 1972 song. fans have since dropped off flowers and notes celebrating frey' s life. meredith: we are continuing to follow breaking news in a volusia county. summer: in orange county family is grieving after a man was killed in a house fire.
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meredith: you will not believe
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abandoned.ab >> local. live. latebreaking.
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4:00 in high definition. summer: we continue to follow breaking news in volusia county. meredith: one man is dead. and west of i-95. update. jim: chopper 2 was above the scene and here is what we know. deputies were called at this afternoon after a hunter said he accidentally shot his friend with a 12 gauge shotgun. the victim is 65 years old. we have a crew on the ground headed to oak hill. we will have the latest as soon as we get it. summer: thank you. the state fire marshall is working to determine if a space heater may have sparked a fatal fire in orange county this morning. meredith: a man died in his work-shed after it filled with flames. wesh 2' s amanda ober joins us live from the scene with more. amanda: the fire broke out in a work-shed behind the home where you see that white pick up truck
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the family has requested privacy as they grieve the loss of a man who according to neighbors was well loved by all who knew him. it' s been a devastating day for family and friends, after an early morning fire killed a man who was in his work shed out behind his home on formby drive. >> once they got the fire knocked down, when we did a primary search of the building, we did find one victim, and he was deceased at that time, male aged 50 to 60-years-old. amanda: firefights say around 2:30 this morning, someone in an abutting neighborhood reported a strong odor of smoke. when deputies investigated, they discovered the blaze, which engulfed the man' s 1,000 square foot workshop. a resident of the home told firefighters someone was in the shed, but it was too late. the state fire marshal' s office says there was a space heater in the workshop which may have
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awaiting lab tests to know for sure. >> this is the first cold snap we' ve had in central florida, and folks are pulling the space heaters out and you have to be really careful with them. make sure that they' re on a good solid base so they can' t tip over. amanda: neighbors have told us the identity of the man who died, but the state fire marshal is waiting confirmation from the medical examiner. firefighters told us the shed was filled with tools and the wife of the victim told firefighters her husband worked out there late at night. meredith: the search continues for a man suspected of helping to steal a car in orange county. deputies say the man, along with a teen, stole the black hyundai sonata in eatonville. then after hitting three cars on princeton street, turned on to east colonial drive and crashed. the 16-year-old and the man jumped out and took off in opposite directions. the teen was later captured. summer: orange county deputies are looking to track down the person who recently killed a
4:29 pm
29-year-old corneilus anderson, was shot to death yesterday morning in the area, of 19th street and south lee avenue just west of i-4. neighbors say they heard gun shots, then saw an older man, wearing a skull cap and dressed in black, drive away in a white, four-door buick that looked new. if you know anything about what happened, call crimeline. in osceola county man is in jail after child pornography charges. he is arrested at his workplace in kissimmee. investigators have been looking into him since july win an investigator -- when an investigator found a computer address links to child pornography. meredith: only wesh 2 was there when the man arrested in an orange county cockfighting ring walked out of jail. more than 50 birds were found inside the home deputies say was used to stage the fights. investigators say this was a
4:30 pm
was breeding, training, and selling roosters for the purpose of animal fighting. the orange county sheriff' s office gave us these pictures, showing the operation off colonial drive. deputies say they found bird cages, a fighting ring, and equipment used in cock fights. diaz is facing 31 counts of fighting and baiting animals, along with three counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. summer: three 16-year-olds are now under arrest after a chase that involved the daytona beach police chief. officers say those three stole the suv from a convenience store. when police got behind them, they drove over something that flattened the tires, but kept going. eventually, they came face-to-face with police chief mike chitwood, who says they came after him. >> he looks at me, spinning out. i turn right back into him and hit a tree. the next thing i know, i am spinning out. summer: the suv also hit another car, and ran a driver off the road. they eventually bailed out of
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caught. meredith: almost six years after a woman was raped during a home invasion in volusia county, a suspect is under arrest. 23-year-old jamedd ross is charged with home invasion robbery with a weapon and kidnapping with intent to inflict bodily harm. deputies say ross, and at least two other men, broke into a woman' s deltona home while she was sleeping then beat and raped the victim. match that was connected with dna evidence that led them to ross. after leaving court in a separate case. investigators are still searching for the two other men they believe were part of this violent attack. at least 20 people are killed and many others injured after gunmen storm the university of pakistan. reports say 80 people were shot including staff and students. police and army troops battled the attackers, and in the end four of the gunmen were killed. a spokesman for the taliban in pakistan has disowned the group taking responsibility for the attack. earlier today, the associated press reported that the leader of the taliban claimed responsibility. summer: donald trump' s new supporter, sarah palin shows up at his side in oklahoma after
4:32 pm
campaign stop in iowa. on the democratic side, bill as nbc' s edward lawrence reports, bernie sanders has the lead in new hampshire. in oklahoma today, trump' s campaign. >> our veterans and you differ -- deserve a commander in chief that respects you and would never leave them behind. reporter: in iowa, some voters say sarah palin can help him of trump win. >> she helps with the tea party republican party. reporter: donald trump was attacking ted cruz for being a born in canada. >> because he did not want you to see these loans, that is the problem. i think when you go to caucus, you should think about that problem.
4:33 pm
billboard circled ted cruz' s event. he highlighted how he would behave as a president. >> we lose the protection to our liberty. reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton let her husband do the talking. >> in three weeks is an eternity in politics. reporter: senator bernie sanders leads polls in new hampshire and hillary is running new ads there and iowa. >> who has everything it takes to do every part of the job. reporter: voters caucus in iowa february 1 and go to polls in new hampshire eight days later. the clinton campaign is tried to stop bernie sander' s momentum. summer: abortion right activists joined lawmakers at the state for the current legislation. they are pushing a measure that
4:34 pm
florida to pay for long-term contraception for low income women. the program has been successful in reducing the rate of pregnancy and abortion in other states. she says abortion rights are still not respected by many state lawmakers. >> they are still act -- there are still acts to eliminate a woman posing right to choose. summer: this is not been scheduled to hear -- to be heard during this legislative session. meredith: these baby otte rs were abandoned by their mom. we have the story of the rescue and what is being done to help. reporter: they are helpless and
4:35 pm
volunteers at florida wildlife hospital will have to go and. >> we put them in our laps until they get the hang of it. they do not have a real great start, and it is very touch and go with them. reporter: they were discovered by a titusville homeowner who is rebuilding a driveway. workers found the den when the driveway was dug up. the mother did not return. at the hospital volunteers take care of any animal that is brought in, staff is busy with feedings. what you feed a baby otter? you feed it specially made formula and it costs $200 per bucket. >> this will be a long endeavor for them to get released back into the wild, and very costly. we are estimating $2400 per
4:36 pm
--otter. >> we try not to get attached, but we can. reporter: they will not be able to survive on their own until august. the hospital is looking for donations and hope they will make it through these first difficult months of their lives. summer: because they are wild animals, it is best if they stay as wild as possible. meredith: talk about being between a rock and a hard place. a major route out of yosemite national park is closed because of a rock slide. you have to see the huge boulders blocking the road yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt. while a crew cleared the road, highway 41 cannot reopen until geologists give the o.k. later today. summer: the field at the citrus bowl is now buried under a huge pile of dirt. orlando is getting ready to welcome grave digger and stone crusher for monster jam. today, 300 trucks started hauling in dirt to fill up the citrus bowl at 5:00 this morning, and are still there
4:37 pm
used in competition. a total of 16 monster trucks will back-flip and crush their way through the arena. monster jam is saturday night at 7:00. and when it' s all done, it takes about 12 hours to get the field cleared. meredith: you should seek football there. in orange county man accused of breaking into a preschool. summer: he has a lot of explaining, what he did that ended with a car catching on fire. tony: we are done with the coldest night of the season. we have a nice turnaround in temperatures, and that another shot of cold air on the way.
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summer: we are following some
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a serious crash with injuries. a lot of people standing outside. this is near west oak ridge road in the eastbound lanes. they are completely shut down. firefighters are retrieving one person from a car involved in the accident and they were taken on a stretcher. meredith: it is not clear the big crowd is around what is exactly happening, because this is near a school. the silver car looks like a convertible. fire trucks, ambulances. it is not clear how the people were involved, but it is clear they are rescuing victims. we will keep you updated. look closely and you' ll see this $400,000 lamborghini on fire. social media posts say a miami valet revved the engine, and that' s when flames started shooting out of the back. and of course the whole thing
4:42 pm
s reaction. clearly was not expecting that. orange county deputies say while face they have a burglary suspect in custody. summer: he is accused of wesh 2' s stewart moore joins us now. stewart, they had pictures of the suspect in the act? stewart: the suspect deputies have in custody is not only caught on camera, but now he' s under investigation for striking at several other locations. baboolal, he' s in jail charged in four cases so far and is the chief suspect in several residential burglary cases. inside the children' s center on pershing drive. employees at the center actually surveillance video and that' s when they called 911. in the images, you see he has taken what appears to be a red use it to cover his face. at one point, he stares right into the camera as he continues to search for valuables. baboolal was quickly arrested s he'
4:43 pm
burglarizing the american pre-school on south goldenrod road back in december. because he violated probation, he was denied bond. back to you. meredith: you woke up to the coldest air this season. it was freezing in some areas. summer: jason shows us what you and some of our viewers found in the neighborhood. jason: today' s cold weather led to a rare sight in central florida. check this out. a dealership full of frost covered cars in mount dora. ice even delayed a flight from oia this morning. the delta flight from orlando to miami had too much frost on the airport doesn' t have any de-icing equipment. so, the flight thawed for about an hour before departing. in marion county, temperatures dipped into the upper 20' s. a viewer in ocala sent us this shot of a frosty field. ocala was one of the coldest spots. mailboxes were ready for letters to be written on them. there were plenty of frosty
4:44 pm
lots of people had ice on their car windows. some viewers wrote messages on their frosty windshields. you helped us tell the story about the cold. tweet your weather pictures to @wesh. you might see them right here on wesh 2 news. meredith: i love when our viewers send in these pictures, because this so rare we get those frosty photos. tony: these letters are from a southern marion county. nice and frosty. she wants to make a snowman. 27 in ocala. 38, orlando. coldest morning thus far this season. as we take a look at the coldest temperatures for the three major metropolitan cities, 38, 34, 30. outside, it is
4:45 pm
in our the clouds and milder temperatures. 65 right now and northeast wind. we have a rapidfire jetstream. this is out of us. this is going to dive to the east and crank up a major store storm -- snowstorm. the nation' s capital. great shape. 61, daytona beach. 65, melbourne beach. we are running anywhere from a five to 11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. look at the temperatures near orlando, celebration, mid 60' s. temperatures falling through 9:00 to 50. melbourne, more the same, 62 to 55 degrees.
4:46 pm
there could be patchy frost, especially near the low-lying areas. celebration, harmony, 43 and 44. a little bit cooler port orange and orange city, upper 30' s to the 40 degree mark. melbourne will be running in the mid 40' s. if there is any frost, it will be central and northern portions of marion county. if you high clouds for tomorrow morning. the moisture is in the form of higher clouds, so i do not anticipate any rain. the clouds will be the story, thickening up thursday night in a two friday. get out and enjoy tomorrow. back toward the beaches, 60 to about 65 degrees. watch the onshore flow, rip
4:47 pm
70 at noon. a commute at 74. your comes the front on friday with showers and storms. we will have to watch for a few stronger storms, but we will not have to worry about severe weather this time. saturday and sunday, we have some cold air in play. we are talking about temperatures that will be well below normal. you can see we are holding at 55 to 60 both saturday and sunday and watching a freeze sunday
4:48 pm
meredith: mother nature has tried her hand at ice sculptures, and the results are amazing. what you see here is the effect when waves from lake erie splash and freeze over in the sub-zero temperatures the north is experiencing right now. each design is unique, taking shape as the winds change direction. experts say they think the sculptures will stick around until march, though many areas along the shore are closed now due to concerns of falling ice. for manatees are back home. summer: officials from seaworld
4:49 pm
this is surely, and since being in the care of seaworld, she has gained 600 pounds. she will be back in the water where she belongs. >> loading the mop at the boats ramp and taken them over to the outflow where the water is and other manatees are congregating so she can hang out with other experienced animals. summer: they will be satellite tracked. meredith: wesh 2 news at 5 is straight ahead. jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up in the next hour. jim: we are following some tragic, late breaking news from the marshlands of volusia county. two hunters head out into the woods, but only one comes back alive. wesh 2 has just arrived on scene to find out how one man was accidentally shot with a 12-gauge. plus, it' s a story you saw first on wesh 2. a local teacher arrested for sex crimes. we' re breaking down the charges, allegations the teacher had a sexual relationship, with a student. wesh 2 news at 5:00 is next. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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visit]ut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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announcer: local, live, late-breaking.
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high definition. jim: jim: right now at 5:00, a retired orange county elementary school teacher is behind bars. he' s been charged with capital sex crimes involving a student. these are disturbing allegations you heard about first on wesh 2. good evening, i' m jim payne. angela: i' m angela taylor. wesh 2' s bob kealing joins us live outside the school district in apopka. bob, what is donald sharp accused of doing exactly? bob: a multiple occasions he would take this student into a secluded hallway and molester. after seven years, police say she could no longer live with that secret. >> yes, sir. bob: 66-year-old donald sharp showed no emotion during his first court appearance on charges of sexual battery and lewd and lascivious acts on a child under twelve. >> that is a capital offense. bob: for seven years, apopka police say a former student of
4:53 pm
elementary school third grade
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